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Before you start a print job, make sure you have the info we need.

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  •  Vector graphic or bitmap
  •  Print size (width x height)
  •  Placement (front, chest, back, arm etc.)
  •  Printing colour(s) (PMS C Pantone Solid Coated)
  • Outlined (vectorised) text for vector file
  • 300 DPI and 100% print size for pixel graphics


  •  Which item(s)?
  •  Colour(s)?
  •  Size(s)?
  •  Quantity?

Packaging / Delivery

  •  Standard packaging (PU with 10 pieces)
  •  Individual packaging
  •  Neutral shipping (if the order is to go directly to your customer)
  •  Deadline (latest delivery date)
  •  Delivery address
  •  Billing address

Clothing / Article

  •  Which articles would you like to order?
  •  In which sizes and colours?
  •  How many pieces?

Standard colour chart

Which type of textile finishing is right for me?

In the following we have compiled a detailed guide to guarantee you the best possible quality in textile finishing.

Product, colour and quantity

Before you start a print job, select the product to be printed. It may be from our range or purchased from a third party supplier. Separate surcharges apply for this. Ask us!


The motif is particularly important when choosing the printing process. Colours, gradients or small details create an individual eye-catcher. No matter whether it is a picture-like motif or one that covers the entire area: By choosing the right printing method, we can achieve an almost perfect result.

Print size

You should think about the size of the motif in advance. It can be an advantage if you measure yourself or a colleague or print the design on paper to get a feeling for the size. Do you need suggestions for choosing the right format? Ask us about standard print formats. Basically, a normal chest size of <50 cm² and a back size of <400 cm².

If you have specified the size in advance, it is easier for our graphic designers to create the layout. You must approve this before we start printing your order. Of course, you also have the chance to change your mind after you have seen the layout. We guarantee that it will be edited until you or your customer are completely satisfied!


Which colours should we use for printing your motif? Not all red is the same and therefore it is crucial that you communicate your colour preference as accurately as possible. We recommend our common standard colours and can also use mixed colours if you wish, but these must be specified exactly.

We print in PMS C (Pantone Model Solid Coated). You are also welcome to specify the desired colours in RAL or HKS. If you do not specify any colours, we will use colours that come closest to these. The Pantone number is always noted on the layout for approval so that you can also change it if you wish.


There are many options when choosing the placement of the print. The front, chest, back, neck or sleeves are standard placements. However, depending on the article, other placement wishes can also be implemented.

If you specify the placement of the print when placing the order, it is easier for our graphic designers to create the layout. Here, too, you have the final say in the approval process.

Vector graphics

As the quality of the files has a great influence on the final result, it is essential that you provide us with high quality files. The optimal file format for most printing processes is a vector graphic file in which the fonts are outlined.

For some processes we can also use pixel graphics and bitmaps (1:1 and 300 dpi).

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