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Special productions
Based on our standard assortment, we can satisfy most individual customer specifications.

This refers to t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hand towels, bags and so on.

Size table and measurements
Either select your desired product from our size table or adjust measurements to your own personal specifications.

We mainly use 100% cotton in our products. However, you can choose other fabrics such as Lycra, Polyester and more.

Colours and contrasts
You have free choice of colours and contrasts. Either select our standard or one of the Pantone range of colours. The garment can be either completely or partially coloured in the selected tone. Interesting contrasts can be achieved by choosing different shades for arms, sleeves, collars, tucks and other sections.

The standard range of articles is neutral and only carries a sizing label. For specific orders, you have the choice to develop a collar label or logo, which will make your product unique. In this way, you can put together your own individual collection!

Design finishes and attachment of details
Design finishes can be printed or stitched. The attaching of the logo naturally plays a role and can form part of your own special production.

We are more than happy to produce accessories, for example small hangers, pendants, additional writing etc.

To avoid mistakes, you’ll receive, prior to the start of a special production, an original sample of the work.

You can, prior to posting, select your own packaging. The items can be packed separately or in 5 or 10 items per size according to the customer‘s individual wishes.

Prices are based firstly on the amount, followed by technical effort and quality. You will always receive an offer including all special requirements.

General terms of delivery
Delivery: ex Brønderslev, Denmark
Payment: 50% prepayment (after approval of sample) and 50% upon delivery.

Minimum order quantity | Delivery time

  • T-shirts – 1500 items
    Sea freight approx. 3 months
    Air freight approx. 8 weeks
  • Polo Shirts – 500 items
    Sea freight approx. 3 months
    Air freight approx. 8 weeks
  • Sweatshirts – 300 items
    Sea freight approx. 3 months
    Air freight approx. 8 weeks
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