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Transfer PressesFor every need in Frechen

Perma GmbH stocks a variety of transfer presses – manual, semi and fully automatic machinery. You would like to transfer logos onto textiles yourself but are not sure which press would be best? We offer comprehensive advice and help you make the right selection.


If you do not print more than 100 transfers daily, a manual press would be sufficient. For a higher number, we recommend a fully automatic single or double transfer press.


Find the right transfer press for your patching processes!
We stock Transmatic and Druckteck machinery. The transfer presses are distinguished as follows:

Transmatic TMH

  • Transmatic TMH
  • Simple and manual press with an exchangeable bottom plate
  • Smaller bottom plates are optional
  • Heating plate is opened manually
  • Temperature and time are digital and pressure adjusted with a rotary knob
  • Plate size: 45 cm x 38 cm

Druckteck SP-45

  • Druckteck SP-45
  • Semi-automatic press with an air membrane
  • Compressor necessary
  • All functions are digital
  • Only one plate size required
  • Can also be used for protrusions such as buttons, zippers etc.
  • Pressure easily adjustable
  • Plate size: 50 cm x 40 cm

Transmatic 5P

  • Transmatic 5P
  • Fully automatic double press
  • (pneumatic: 5P or electric: 5 REV)
  • Two large plates (possibly two smaller plates optional)
  • Automatic closure
  • Temperature and time digitally adjustable
  • Automatically adjustable pressure (displayed in bar or %)
  • Additional compressor necessary
  • Up to 1000 patches per day

Plate size: 50 cm x 40 cm

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